My NI Faves of 2016

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s that time of year again.  Apart from continuing the strange ritual of putting trees in our living rooms and seeing plenty of overweight men in ill-fitting red polyester/velvet outfits, mid December means a review of our favourite Northern Irish beer of the past twelve months.  Of course I didn’t have every…… Continue reading My NI Faves of 2016

Northern Ireland

NI’s Best Beers of 2014 (In My Humble Opinion)

Northern Ireland’s craft beer scene is expanding to mouth watering levels.  There are now fifteen companies producing more varieties than ever before in our wee country.  So with this in hand, accompanied by the fact that awards ceremonies are happening left, right and centre at this time of year, why not have a little bit…… Continue reading NI’s Best Beers of 2014 (In My Humble Opinion)