Hush and Resist A first for the blog today as I believe this post could be the inaugural “single beer” review. I haven’t been bothered to look past a couple of years’ blog posts and I certainly can’t remember any other beer holding such a privileged position. The Drinkers for Ukraine project created a Solidarity Brew recipe…… Continue reading Hush and Resist

Ireland · Northern Ireland

When Will I See You Again?

It’s always the prerogative of breweries to release new beers, see which ones fare better than others, and then move on to the next new beer or trend. Usually all done while continuing to brew a core range alongside those one-off specials. However there are some beers that our local breweries, for whatever reason, didn’t…… Continue reading When Will I See You Again?

Ireland · Northern Ireland

Stouts: The Orange, the Peanut, the Ginger and the Bourbon

“Tis the season for stouts”, they say. “Load of rubbish”, I reply. Stouts are for all year – not just winter, though I’m sure there’s a better sounding slogan in there somewhere. Let’s round up a small handful of Irish stouts, north and south, and see what happens. Before you ask, I do own more…… Continue reading Stouts: The Orange, the Peanut, the Ginger and the Bourbon