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Stash Killing: Bullhouse I’ve taken to diminishing my barrel aged stout stash over the past few months because what’s the point in having an ageing stash if it’s not to be consumed at some point? The difficult key factor however is knowing when exactly is the peak year or month to open a particular bottle? Different barrel…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Bullhouse

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A Farm Farewell Many of your local breweries are finding times incredibly tough right now. Rising prices of energy and ingredients (among other things) mean breweries are being squeezed for every penny. Who knows how many breweries out there are on the verge of folding but recently we learned that one of Northern Ireland’s oldest craft breweries,…… Continue reading A Farm Farewell

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Stash Killing: Lacada There’s something quite satisfying yet worrying about opening a bottle that’s been sitting stashed away for a few years. It’s like an angel and a devil are sat on either shoulder saying “Yes do it”, “No, don’t do it”, “Do it”, “Don’t do it”. When exactly IS the right time to open that special…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Lacada

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Stash Killing: Farmageddon and Mourne Mountains New Year’s resolutions suck, let’s be honest. I certainly suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Though, when I was 15, I did keep one and managed to not eat a chocolate bar all year! I’m quite proud of that one. Here’s an idea, though – what if a resolution involved drinking beer? Now that’s…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Farmageddon and Mourne Mountains

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Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2022 It’s been a progressive yet unsettling year for the Northern Ireland beer scene. In the face of escalating energy and ingredients costs, breweries such as Bullhouse, Boundary and Walled City have successfully battled through the quagmire that is bureaucratic red tape and managed to open their own pub or permanent taproom. Boundary have taken…… Continue reading Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2022