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Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2022 It’s been a progressive yet unsettling year for the Northern Ireland beer scene. In the face of escalating energy and ingredients costs, breweries such as Bullhouse, Boundary and Walled City have successfully battled through the quagmire that is bureaucratic red tape and managed to open their own pub or permanent taproom. Boundary have taken…… Continue reading Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2022


450 Miles, 30 Breweries, 2 Days In our lifetime, Northern Ireland has never had as many microbreweries as now. I’m not saying I’m eleven years old but in 2011 there were five breweries on the go. Today the figure stands at thirty and in a couple of weeks time it’ll be thirty one. So how could an intrepid local beer…… Continue reading 450 Miles, 30 Breweries, 2 Days

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K’vik, Before They’re Gone The Norwegian yeast called kveik (pronounced k’vike) has become more familiar over the past couple of years in our local beer scene but what’s all the fuss about, how does it differ and what does it bring to the party? Simply put, a lot of kveik strains are resilient and ferment beer faster and…… Continue reading K’vik, Before They’re Gone


Beers for ‘Ard Times To my shame I’ve realised that I’ve never reviewed any Ards Brewing pale ales on this blog. Sure, I’ve cast my thoughts on the Greyabbey brewery’s stouts but the pales seem to have been overlooked. Not today my friend as we’re pale heavy. Most of the beers in Ards’ portfolio are pales so if…… Continue reading Beers for ‘Ard Times


Dabbling in Supermarket Craft Beer? You’ve Never Had It So Good In the (looks at the abacus) almost 10 years I’ve been blethering away on this blog, the Northern Ireland beer scene has changed immeasurably. Okay, when I say immeasurably, that’s not true. Of course it’s measurable, I’ve been one of the people measuring it. Let’s just say it has changed for the better in…… Continue reading Dabbling in Supermarket Craft Beer? You’ve Never Had It So Good