Northern Ireland

NI’s Best Beers of 2014 (In My Humble Opinion)

Northern Ireland’s craft beer scene is expanding to mouth watering levels.  There are now fifteen companies producing more varieties than ever before in our wee country.  So with this in hand, accompanied by the fact that awards ceremonies are happening left, right and centre at this time of year, why not have a little bit of fun and select Northern Ireland’s best beers of 2014? 

Here we have the inaugural ‘Quare Swally Northern Ireland Beer Awards for 2014’.
(in my humble opinion).  A bit of hush at the back please…

Best New Beer
2nd – POKERTREE Dark Nirvana
3rd – FARMAGEDDON India Pale Ale

Best Porter/Stout
1st – POKERTREE Dark Nirvana
2nd – POKERTREE Seven Sisters Treacle Oat Stout
3rd – WHITEWATER Clotworthy Dobbin

Best Golden Ale
2nd – HILDEN Twisted Hop
3rd – ARDS Citra

Best Red Ale
1st – WHITEWATER Hopplehammer
2nd – HILDEN Halt 
3rd – POKERTREE Red Earl Ruby Ale

Best Irish But Not Northern Irish
1st – WHITE HAG Black Boar Imperial Oatmeal Stout
2nd – 8 DEGREES Amber Ella
3rd – GALWAY BAY Of Foam and Fury

Best Northern Irish Beer of 2014
2nd – POKERTREE Dark Nirvana
3rd – WHITEWATER Hoppelhammer

Many congratulations to all breweries mentioned here especially Farmageddon and Pokertree for not only being two of the best newcomers to the local scene but also producing two of the finest beers (in my humble opinion) of 2014.

And with up to another seven new local breweries in the pipeline for 2015, there’s going to be even more competition this time next year.  Bring it on.


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