Beavertown Extravaganza 2017

This month I visited my new favourite beer festival.  A week after the superb ABV in Belfast, it was the turn of London to do its inimitable thing. For various reasons, I don’t usually get the chance to attend beer festivals outside of Northern Ireland but when acclaimed London brewery Beavertown announced in January they were…… Continue reading Beavertown Extravaganza 2017

Northern Ireland

# Sweet Norn Iron, good times never seemed so good #

So good, so good, so good!  (Sorry, got carried away in a football frenzy there) Following a random Instagram post by a local bar before the summer, my interest was piqued by a new Belfast brewery whose wares could be on shelves soon. Very frustratingly, little information was forthcoming from any quarter until Paul and…… Continue reading # Sweet Norn Iron, good times never seemed so good #

Northern Ireland

Barrahooley Sam’s Yer Man at Hillstown

Fans of Hillstown Brewery should be pleased to know that Nigel, Jonny and Ali have had another man/brewery join the team. Barrahooley’s one-man-band Sam Birkett has left behind his Martinstown brewing kit and full time job in Belfast and taken the plunge to join the Hillstown gang after reading a tweet! The affable Scotsman explained…… Continue reading Barrahooley Sam’s Yer Man at Hillstown

Belfast · Northern Ireland

Church, Jesus and Me

Converted churches.  God bless ’em. Isn’t it ironic that following all the religious hatred and fighting in Northern Ireland over the past decades a church should bring so many people together. (Off at a tangent) Ten days ago I enjoyed a great night’s craic in such a building in Westport, County Mayo.  Snippets here – it’s…… Continue reading Church, Jesus and Me