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Stash Killing: Bullhouse I’ve taken to diminishing my barrel aged stout stash over the past few months because what’s the point in having an ageing stash if it’s not to be consumed at some point? The difficult key factor however is knowing when exactly is the peak year or month to open a particular bottle? Different barrel…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Bullhouse

Belfast · Northern Ireland

An Ormeau Beer on the Ormeau Road There’s been a little rush of brewery openings over the past couple of months. Well, three is certainly a rush in Northern Ireland terms. Following on from the launch of Get ‘Er Brewed’s Our Brewery near Randalstown and Out of Office Brewery at the Ulster Sports Club in Belfast, along comes #31 in the…… Continue reading An Ormeau Beer on the Ormeau Road

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A Welcome Old Addition to Belfast’s Beer Scene

The Oxford English Dictionary simply refers to a brewpub as a public house that sells beer brewed on the premises. Brewpubs are very few and far between in Northern Ireland. Until early 2021 there were three: the superb Walled City restaurant in Derry/Londonderry, the beautiful Speckled Hen restaurant near Lisburn brewing small batch Black Mountain…… Continue reading A Welcome Old Addition to Belfast’s Beer Scene