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Cans, Contracts and Modern Reds

Does the future of Northern Irish beer now pour from a can? Thankfully the snobbery once associated with cans of beer is fast disappearing as many Irish, British and of course American breweries have been pumping out some top quality brews for quite a while – just think of Whiplash, Yellowbelly, Cloudwater, Beavertown, Magic Rock,…… Continue reading Cans, Contracts and Modern Reds

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From Wonderful to Woeful to Wooden Cask

Two of Ireland’s better microbreweries recently came together for a collaboration brew. County Sligo’s The White Hag and County Donegal’s Kinnegar teamed up to produce The Hare and The Hag, a 6.5% ABV ‘Irish Coffee Nitro Stout’.  A nitro stout should have a creamy and smooth texture when poured upside down from the bottle – few…… Continue reading From Wonderful to Woeful to Wooden Cask

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Ulster Newbies – from Mourne to Muff

Some new releases recently so let’s get wired in. From Portrush’s co-operative brewery Lacada, branded as a North Coast IPA and recently pouring from cask at CAMRA’s Belfast Beer Festival, Devil’s Washtub.  5.2% ABV and actually a black IPA (perhaps this should be on the branding so not to scare anyone who’s expecting a golden…… Continue reading Ulster Newbies – from Mourne to Muff