Belfast · Northern Ireland

It’s a Belfast Custom

The second outing of the Irish Craft Beer Festival in Belfast took place recently in Custom House Square and what was instantly noticeable as you walked into the tent is there were fewer stalls than the 2016 event – is that concerning?  I think so. Beer, cider, gin and whiskies were available and I’ll give a quick rundown…… Continue reading It’s a Belfast Custom

Northern Ireland

Portrush – Land of Barry’s, Chips & Beer Festivals

Make no mistake, I love Portrush.  It’s where the family would take day trips when I was a child and it’s where I now take my family for the same – driving the dodgem cars and sliding down the helter skelter at Barry’s amusements, eating a 10% meat (probably) sausage supper in a chippy and…… Continue reading Portrush – Land of Barry’s, Chips & Beer Festivals

Dublin · Ireland

Another Weekend, Another Festival

Another festival?  Boom, as Klopp would say.  Following last weekend’s ABV festival in Belfast, this time it was the turn of the Irish Craft Beer Festival at the RDS in Dublin.  Hotel and train tickets booked, Mrs W and I were there on the Friday. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see so many brewers in…… Continue reading Another Weekend, Another Festival