Belfast · Northern Ireland

Stash Killing: Bullhouse I’ve taken to diminishing my barrel aged stout stash over the past few months because what’s the point in having an ageing stash if it’s not to be consumed at some point? The difficult key factor however is knowing when exactly is the peak year or month to open a particular bottle? Different barrel…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Bullhouse

Ireland · Northern Ireland

Stouts: The Orange, the Peanut, the Ginger and the Bourbon

“Tis the season for stouts”, they say. “Load of rubbish”, I reply. Stouts are for all year – not just winter, though I’m sure there’s a better sounding slogan in there somewhere. Let’s round up a small handful of Irish stouts, north and south, and see what happens. Before you ask, I do own more…… Continue reading Stouts: The Orange, the Peanut, the Ginger and the Bourbon


Stay Alert Roundup #1

New brews have been a surprising and reassuring feature of the Lockdown/Stay at Home/Stay Alert period. Plenty of beer has been brewed with more new titles on our off licence shelves. Unsurpringly no-one has yet called their beer ‘Do Not Inject Disinfectant’. *double facepalm gif* Bullhouse participated in Other Half Brewing’s All Together worldwide collaboration,…… Continue reading Stay Alert Roundup #1