Dabbling in Supermarket Craft Beer? You’ve Never Had It So Good

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3iUUc91F7GQT8NhcP7vNE8 In the (looks at the abacus) almost 10 years I’ve been blethering away on this blog, the Northern Ireland beer scene has changed immeasurably. Okay, when I say immeasurably, that’s not true. Of course it’s measurable, I’ve been one of the people measuring it. Let’s just say it has changed for the better in…… Continue reading Dabbling in Supermarket Craft Beer? You’ve Never Had It So Good


From Over There to Over Here

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1Mc3eZvjD7ai5zbWAchceU If you read my recent Golden Pints 2021 blogpost, you’d have noticed my GB Beer of the Year came from Glasgow’s Overtone brewery. I’ve only recently realised I’ve never reviewed any Overtone beers on the blog so this’ll change that. The brewery’s still very young – it started in the summer of 2018 -…… Continue reading From Over There to Over Here

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2021

Another weird year comes to an end but some things don’t change. As is the norm for this time of year, pandemic or not, the Quare Swally Northern Ireland Golden Pints make an appearance to celebrate the best brews from our wee corner of the world. I thank every single brewer, packer, distributor, publican, bottle…… Continue reading Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2021