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Stash Killing: Farmageddon and Mourne Mountains New Year’s resolutions suck, let’s be honest. I certainly suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Though, when I was 15, I did keep one and managed to not eat a chocolate bar all year! I’m quite proud of that one. Here’s an idea, though – what if a resolution involved drinking beer? Now that’s…… Continue reading Stash Killing: Farmageddon and Mourne Mountains

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K’vik, Before They’re Gone The Norwegian yeast called kveik (pronounced k’vike) has become more familiar over the past couple of years in our local beer scene but what’s all the fuss about, how does it differ and what does it bring to the party? Simply put, a lot of kveik strains are resilient and ferment beer faster and…… Continue reading K’vik, Before They’re Gone