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K’vik, Before They’re Gone The Norwegian yeast called kveik (pronounced k’vike) has become more familiar over the past couple of years in our local beer scene but what’s all the fuss about, how does it differ and what does it bring to the party? Simply put, a lot of kveik strains are resilient and ferment beer faster and…… Continue reading K’vik, Before They’re Gone


Listen Mate, Life has Surface Noise

As 2020 has been an absolute bag of horse manure, brewers are now adapting and dealing with everyday tasks differently. One such noticeable change is a collaboration effort between two breweries at opposite ends of Northern Ireland – Lacada from Portrush and Beer Hut of Kilkeel. To my knowledge, and correct me if I’m wrong,…… Continue reading Listen Mate, Life has Surface Noise


Stay Alert Roundup #1

New brews have been a surprising and reassuring feature of the Lockdown/Stay at Home/Stay Alert period. Plenty of beer has been brewed with more new titles on our off licence shelves. Unsurpringly no-one has yet called their beer ‘Do Not Inject Disinfectant’. *double facepalm gif* Bullhouse participated in Other Half Brewing’s All Together worldwide collaboration,…… Continue reading Stay Alert Roundup #1