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Belfast’s Fifth Quarter – who knew?

Northern Ireland now has 31 businesses registered as breweries (I’ll refrain from simply calling them all breweries – it’s complicated)  and something that’s been on my mind for a while now is their beer quality – or lack of.  In 2011 we had a mere five such businesses and it’s increased by over 500% in six years.…… Continue reading Belfast’s Fifth Quarter – who knew?

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Where’s Your Beer Really Brewed?

Something jingled my jangles recently. There I was, with Mrs W in The Cloth Ear bar in Belfast when I started to peruse its craft beer menu.  After I’d stopped laughing hysterically at the pricing, I noticed a number of contract brews were on the list including Clearsky and McGrath’s. Clearsky has Fulcrum, Rowlock and Tidefall in its…… Continue reading Where’s Your Beer Really Brewed?