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K’vik, Before They’re Gone The Norwegian yeast called kveik (pronounced k’vike) has become more familiar over the past couple of years in our local beer scene but what’s all the fuss about, how does it differ and what does it bring to the party? Simply put, a lot of kveik strains are resilient and ferment beer faster and…… Continue reading K’vik, Before They’re Gone

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Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2021

Another weird year comes to an end but some things don’t change. As is the norm for this time of year, pandemic or not, the Quare Swally Northern Ireland Golden Pints make an appearance to celebrate the best brews from our wee corner of the world. I thank every single brewer, packer, distributor, publican, bottle…… Continue reading Northern Ireland Golden Pints 2021

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When Will I See You Again?

It’s always the prerogative of breweries to release new beers, see which ones fare better than others, and then move on to the next new beer or trend. Usually all done while continuing to brew a core range alongside those one-off specials. However there are some beers that our local breweries, for whatever reason, didn’t…… Continue reading When Will I See You Again?