DIPA Delights Pt 1

DIPAs aka Double IPAs aka Damned Tasty Beasts.  I know that’s DTB but cut me some slack here.

If you’re an IPA fan then there’s a good chance (if you haven’t tried already) that you’d love a double IPA.  Hoppier and stronger than a standard IPA, double IPAS are widespread across the Irish market at the moment so lets take a quick look at what’s available (well, to me at least!)

Starting off with an 8.8% ABV DIPA not in the main photo, a collaborative brew featuring Leeds’ Northern Monk and Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s WylamI Like To Moob It Moob It has rather disturbing label art, added to the fact that it was stuck on my can upside down.  This isn’t aimed at your average Harp drinker!  Using Citra, Ella, Vic Secret, Enigma and Topaz hops this is what I call a ‘thurk’ bomb (thick/murk) and it made me a little giddy with happiness as it poured from the 440ml can.   Deep tropical fruit, mango and grapefruit eminating from the thurk but piney too, reducing the beer from becoming the ultimate fruit explosion. Spot on guys!

One of the best Irish DIPAs for the past couple of years comes from County Wicklow’s O Brother Brewing and the wondrous beast that is Brutus, weighing in at 9.1% ABV.  He’s quite a malty character with a soft air of peach hiding behind those biceps.  However, what impresses me most about the big man is his balance and smoothness – there’s no big initial bitter knockout punch but he’s more likely to envelop you with smooth tastiness before flattening you.  You have been warned.


Galway Bay‘s collaboration with highly esteemed NOLA Brewing from New Orleans resulted in a Perfect Union.  Why thank you kindly, don’t mind if I do.  You shouldn’t let the Vermont yeasty lumps put you off, and there may be a lot.  Let them settle down for a couple of  minutes and begin.  You’ll get a hazy double IPA that definitely tastes of an 8.0% ABV – subtlety isn’t its bag here – followed by a big onion hit of bitterness.  There’s little fruit to be found here folks, a very small touch of mango perchance if you get a spade and dig under all those onion essences.  More of an Average Union than perfect – like Andy Carroll and Javier Hernandez.

One I hadn’t had in quite a while and was delighted to see back again, Eight Degrees offers The Double Irish.  It’s hard to believe this is 8.8% ABV and stronger than Perfect Union as it feels a lot lighter.  Caramel and melon combine to make The Double Irish a bit fruitier than the aforementioned Union but not by much and it’s definitely not as oniony.

Stop talking about flipping onions!  More DIPAS in Part 2 here

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