Northern Ireland

Germany to Bangor – Auf Weidersehen Maltmeister?

I was unsure if I should write a review of some beers made by a brewery that doesn’t exist anymore.  What’s the point in reviewing products if the public can’t get hold of them, but then I remembered that I managed to buy them a few days ago in Neill Wines in Groomsport, so there may still be a few bottles left.  Maltmeister from Bangor had hidden well below the radar of a lot of beer folk in Northern Ireland.  Brewer Geoff Nuttall started selling his German-influenced brews last year in the immediate locality but ceased production in the summer.

First off, Wheathaze, labelled as a 5.2% ABV Munich-style wheat beer.  Well carbonated but without much of the banana or bubblegum taste usually associated with hefeweizen.  Nevertheless, a decent start.

Next, Maybock, a 7.5% ABV bock variant. This practically leapt out of the bottle but the massive head surprisingly dissipated within a few seconds. A shade paler in colour than traditional bocks, this was the first maybock I’d ever had to my recollection.  It wasn’t the best start, any original hop aroma in there was totally overpowered by the alcohol (and I say that as someone who absolutely loves a good 10% double IPA or imperial stout).  Maybocks are traditionally brewed in May so I’m wondering if this was brewed then and has gone past its optimum drinking window.

What I did finish with ease, however, was the 6.1% ABV spiced Icefire. A red ale with a warming hint, just a hint, of cinnamon and nutmeg.  The delicious sweetness of the honey faintly came through which meant this is a Maltmeister beer I think you could enjoy twice in a row without it being overly sickly.  Twice in a row, that is, if you can find any more of them.


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