Carrig Brewing Co

Last month I had the great fortune to be able to take a weekend away with Mrs W to Drumshanbo in Lounty Leitrim.  And lo and behold there’s only a brewery in the town – ahem.  Opportunity grasped, we headed along to Carrig Brewing for an impromptu visit.
Oisin and head brewer Daniel made us feel very welcome, telling us all about their brews and letting us get stuck into some of their wares.

First up is Whiskey Coalface, a 6.5% ABV variation on their original Coalface Black IPA that’s been aged in The Shed Distillery whiskey casks (also from Drumshanbo)…

An enticing dark colour with mild whiskey notes on the nose, the whiskey comes through wonderfully more smoothly upon tasting.  This black IPA isn’t overbearing or sharp, just enough to make you long for open fires and snow on the ground outside.  Or maybe that’s just me?

Next a very secretive red ale that Daniel said was like a rum and coke and, y’know, he wasn’t wrong. This was probably my favourite of all the brews I tried from the brewery – I was going to describe it, but a less-sweet rum n’ coke is probably right.  It’s a pilot brew for an American importer and that’s all I can say because they wouldn’t tell me any more.  I really hope this makes it onto our shelves soon.

Finally on to Iron Mountain Stout.  At 4.5% ABV it’s a sessionable dry stout with a delicate roasted coffee aroma and taste.  Maybe I detected a touch of vanilla in there too or maybe that was the beer w.nker element kicking in.  Regardless, it’s a solid stout that will appeal to many.

Cheers to Sinead, Oisin and Daniel for their fantastic hospitality and enthusiasm.  Good luck with the new FVs too and see you at Dublin’s Irish Beer Festival in September.

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