From Over There to Over Here If you read my recent Golden Pints 2021 blogpost, you’d have noticed my GB Beer of the Year came from Glasgow’s Overtone brewery. I’ve only recently realised I’ve never reviewed any Overtone beers on the blog so this’ll change that. The brewery’s still very young – it started in the summer of 2018 -…… Continue reading From Over There to Over Here

Isle of Skye · Scotland

An Independent Scottish Hike?

I love Scotland.  I studied in Fife in the mid 1990s.  I have Scottish friends.   I’ve made numerous motorbike trips to the outer (and inner) wilds of Scotland to experience its cracking roads, stunningly beautiful countryside and enjoy a bit of craic with friendly natives from the Cairngorms, Argyll, Hebrides, Inverness and everywhere in…… Continue reading An Independent Scottish Hike?