Beer Day NI

There’s a thing in GB called Beer Day Britain. It’s where the English, Scots and Welsh celebrate their local independent pubs and breweries. Without wanting to sound like Al Murray The Pub Landlord, they drink beautiful British beer in beautiful British pubs – apart from the ones who drink Carlsberg or Guinness. It’s a promotional tool. Not to be left out, cos we usually are, there’s now a thing called Beer Day NI. I’ve unashamedly created it. It’s on the same day, Monday 15th June.

Of course with our Northern Irish pubs being closed on that day this year, that just leaves us with drinking local brews at home, or wherever you drink that isn’t home or the pub.

So all I’m asking is a small favour. On Monday 15th June, grab a beer from an independent Northern Irish brewery and post a photo to social media with the hashtag #BeerDayNI.

Brewers maybe on June 15th you could post a photo of your brewery or you brewing?

Off licences maybe on June 15th you could post a photo of your locally brewed stock?

Whatever you do and however you promote the day, give thanks to our local brewers for continuing to work during lockdown and here’s to us supporting the pubs that support them when opening restrictions are lifted.

Happy #BeerDayNI.

Sláinte and cheers.

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