Licensing · Northern Ireland

You Can Change the Law

Time is running out if you want to help your local microbrewery.

A consultation on the local alcohol licensing laws here in Northern Ireland is, at last, being put forward for public opinion and you can tell the powers that be how outdated things are here. And boy, we know how outdated they are.

If you want your local brewery to be allowed the choice to sell directly to the public or have the choice of opening a taproom, here’s where you can help.

Click on this link to take you to the consultation.

Question 1 is the important one.

Q. Do you think the current 12 categories of licence are adequate?

My suggested answer would be something along the lines of the following…

  • No, the number of categories should be increased, in line with the rest of the UK, to allow producers such as brewers and cider makers to sell directly to the public.
  • This can be achieved by creating an affordable producers license. Such a license will allow further choice for the consumer via a taproom or off sales and allow online sales for the producer which will of course increase the potential of said business to become economically sustainable.
  • Such sustainability will lead to further employment due to possible expansion, with the added benefit of allowing sales to tourists following very popular brewery tours.
  • Visitors to craft fairs and farmers markets can also benefit by allowing the producer to sell directly.

You can, of course, go into more detail in other questions about the lack of microbrewery choice on draught in your local pub. Let your thoughts be known if this is something you feel strongly about.

You have until this Friday, December 6th to complete the consultation. It’ll take you only 10 minutes.


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