Who Brews It? Do You Really Care?

A while back I had a bit of a pop at contract breweries not labelling where their beer was being brewed. What’s the big deal? Why not just say if your beer is being brewed at a different location?

It seems that train of thought continues with Dopey Dick in Derry/Londonderry.

They did apparently brew in the city when I visited in 2016 with draught offerings in a couple of bars but recently the quality of brews became considerably better as well as being available in bottles.

It seems there may be a reason for this. Core beers of lager, session IPA and red ale all have a similar ABV to another Northern Irish brewery.




Coincidence? Definitely not.

Dopey Dick Brewery was contacted but failed to confirm or deny that the beer was being brewed elsewhere.

That’s a shame. The beers are tasty and the branding is good so I don’t know why a few words on the brewing provenance can’t be written on the side of the label.

Maybe the big question isn’t “Why hide it?”, but “Does anyone really care?”

6 thoughts on “Who Brews It? Do You Really Care?

  1. It’s actually a legal requirement in UK to have the following on your labels; “Name and address of supplier or bottler” – you see plenty breweries obviously not being 100% compliant. It’s for local Environmental Health Departments to uphold I believe.


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