Forget Not The Brews That Went Before

FOMO.  Fear Of Missing Out.

This acronym has been used countless times in the past few years when new beers from very well respected breweries are launched.  One of my favourite UK breweries is Cloudwater from Manchester.  A lot of other beer drinkers are also fans of them.  Why wouldn’t you be?  My God they can churn out a fantastic double IPA as their 2016/17 DIPA series testified and my God their online marketing machine was purring like an Aston Martin Vanquish engine.  This was a prime example of a limited edition beer leading to FOMO.

It’s understandable.  We’re all guilty of buying a certain beer for fear of missing out.  Everyone does it.  We’re all human.  My issue here is not FOMO itself, far from it, but we shouldn’t get addicted to the beer-buying method of “What’s next, what’s next, what’s next?”

The beer nerds, tickers and curious among us should not forget what superb brews have gone before.

The island of Ireland now has a wonderful range of core beers from well established breweries that we cannot afford to ignore.  If we do, they might just disappear.  Remember those beers that when they came out a few years back were enjoyed by many of us?  They proved so popular at the time that the breweries involved rightly saw fit to include them in their everyday core range.

I speak of delights such as Kinnegar’s Crossroads IPA or Rustbucket rye beer, Galway Bay’s Of Foam and Fury double IPA or Buried at Sea milk stout.  Or outside of Ireland, the likes of Thornbridge’s Jaipur, Rodenbach’s Grand Cru, Founders All Day IPA etc, you get the gist.  Beers that you now can find on a very regular basis in most good off licences.

So when you’re fortunate enough to pick up the next big beer thing to hit your local bottleshop’s shelves, remember to also lift a beer that you know and love already but maybe haven’t had for a while.   You’ll be surprised how reassuring it feels to drink a beer that you know you like before popping the cap.

One thought on “Forget Not The Brews That Went Before

  1. Completely agree with this, and really glad you mentioned Rustbucket, still probably my favourite Irish produced beer. I drink many new beers each month, but to be honest, while most of them are good, for the majority of them I can name a beer that came before that, like you said, is now available more regularly, is better.
    Choice is great, but let’s not lose sight of what we already have.


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