Beer Place Names Part 5

First of all, I just wanna point out the change of name to this blog.  Quare Swally seemed like a more appropriate title for a beer blog from Northern Ireland plus it’s a wee play on the well known book title Where’s Wally?  So Quare Swally it is then.
Just like the Rocky or Die Hard series, you can’t keep a good thing down.  

Although – granted – they were both ever so slightly more entertaining than these beer place name blog shenanigans.   I’d mentioned in part 4 it was becoming more difficult to do these as Northern Ireland isn’t the biggest of places, which is why part 5 begins in County Donegal.  So let’s cross the border, live a little, be risqué and all that crap.

Mrs W and I had a wee hotel break planned in North Donegal at the start of March, so it would be foolish of this blogger not to take advantage of some of the great beers that Donegal has to offer.  As well as taking a few photos in front of the relevant signs of course.
First up was easy enough, the tasty Donegal Blonde with, naturally, a blonde.  Well why not? Nuff said.
Next was the turn of Kinnegar Brewery – their range is named after small places near the brewery like a sea rock (Limeburner), field (Yannaroddy) or bay (Scraggy Bay).  It was always difficult to do these beers but I did manage to find the mountain near Rathmullan which gives its name to their Devil’s Backbone!  We also drove up north of Downings to try and find the Limeburner but to no avail.  That adventure included multiple u-turns, ending up in caravan parks and climbing hills and rocks.  T’was a long afternoon, especially with a 2 year old in tow!

In April I was in Fermanagh meeting up with Gordy Fallis from Inishmacsaint brewery.  We had a good afternoon chatting over a couple of pints of a fantastic new bog myrtle beer he’d just brewed.  Man it was tasty!  Here’s hoping he can develop it further – depending on factors such as getting the time and manpower to pick bog myrtle!  Does anyone wanna pick Fermanagh bog myrtle for a few hours? 

While I was there I reacquainted myself with his Lough Erne brown porter which I’d first tried at the Belfast Beer and Cider Festival last November. Handy for a photo, as I was staying at…?

So place names part 6 beckons?  I’ve no idea what that holds!

The previous beer place name blogs can be viewed here

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